Registration and Team Formation

For T-ball and Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch you can make these sorts of requests upon signing up; we will do our best to accommodate the requests, though these requests are not always possible. No requests can be made for the older divisions, as the teams are determined via a player assessment and draft. Requests for siblings to be on the same team can also be made assuming the players are in the same age group.

No. Every child that registers will be placed on a team. The player showcase is used in the 9-12 and above divisions (kid pitch) to allow our team managers to see the skill level of the players prior to the draft. This is the best way to ensure the skill level of each team is as even as possible. Following the showcase, the managers meet with the league player agents and other league representatives to choose their teams in a draft like process.

Every child who registers will be placed on a team. If your child is not available for the showcase, they will enter the draft as a "blind" pick and coaches will draw those names out of a hat.

In most cases, a waitlist is offered following the close of registration. Once registration officially closes, league volunteers are busy working on setting the number of teams and the number of players on each of those teams as well as assigning managers. From those waitlisted kids, we either fill in remaining spots on planned teams, or decide if we need to add additional teams. Available spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

This is a question that gets asked a lot prior to a Spring season. Due to the size of our league relative to others in our district, Little League International requires us to divide our all star baseball teams into two separate teams at each age group in 9-12 baseball divisions. SCLL refers to them as American and National leagues similar to Major League Baseball.

Once a child enters 9-12 baseball as a league age 9 player during the Spring, they are assigned to either AL or NL as they are drafted that first year. For the duration of their time in AA, AAA, and Majors Baseball, your child must remain in the same league. From each of those leagues, we form all star teams for the 8-10, 9-11, and 10-12 teams giving us a total of 6 all star teams in 9-12 baseball. During the regular season, our AL and NL teams will play each other.

To make it easier to determine which league your child is in, we mirror our teams and leagues with teams and leagues in MLB. The AAA Nationals for example would be a National League team and the AAA Orioles would be an American League team. Note - this only applies to Spring seasons.

Uniform and Equipment

A jersey and hat will be provided to each player by the league. Managers will be provided team bats, helmets, and catcher's gear.

Players will need baseball socks, baseball pants, and a baseball belt. The colors will depend on what team drafts them, the team manager will then let you know what color will be needed for the season. For gear, players will need a glove and bat. Optionally, parents may choose to purchase a personal bat and/or helmet.

T-Ball - Bats must be marked as approved for use in T-Ball
Minors (includes Machine Pitch, AA, and AAA) - Bats must be USA Baseball certified. Look for the USA Baseball logo on the taper of the bat.
Juniors - Bats must be USA Baseball or BBCOR certified.
Seniors - Bats must be BBCOR certified.

Softball bats must have a rating of 1.20 BPF



All Stars

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