Registration and Team Formation

For T-ball and Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch you can make these sorts of requests upon signing up; we will do our best to accommodate the requests, though these requests are not always possible. No requests can be made for the older divisions, as the teams are determined via a player assessment and draft. Requests for siblings to be on the same team can be made in all divisions assuming the players are in the same age group.

No. Every child that registers will be placed on a team. The player showcase is used in the 9-12 and above divisions (kid pitch) to allow our team managers to see the skill level of the players prior to the draft. This is the best way to ensure the skill level of each team is as even as possible. Following the showcase, the managers meet with the league player agents and other league representatives to choose their teams in a draft like process.

Every child who registers will be placed on a team. If your child is not available for the showcase, they will enter the draft as a "blind" pick and coaches will draw those names out of a hat.

Teams in Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, and Machine Pitch are formed randomly with the exception of those players who have requested (and been granted) a specific manager or teammate. Teams in the kid pitch divisions are drafted by the team manager following the player assessments. Each manager brings with them their talent assessments for each of the numbered kids in their league and division and selects players off the draft board in a “snake” style draft order. Managers can elect to take a player from the known assessed players or choose to blindly select a "blind" pick out of a bag when it is their turn to select. Multiple board members are present at the draft to ensure fairness of the process.

In most cases, a waitlist is offered following the close of registration. Once registration officially closes, league volunteers are busy working on setting the number of teams and the number of players on each of those teams as well as assigning managers. From those waitlisted kids, we either fill in remaining spots on planned teams, or decide if we need to add additional teams. Available spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

The Player Pool is a list of players who voluntarily make themselves available to act as a substitute player for another team. When a manager is expecting to be short players, he or she contacts the player agent. The player agent will start at the top of list or where he or she left off following the last request and attempt to contact those on the list until available player(s) are found. Players who agree to fill in are required to play a minimum of 9 consecutive outs and bat at least once. However, they are not permitted to pitch in the game.

This is a question that gets asked a lot prior to a Spring season. Due to the size of our league relative to others in our district, Little League International requires us to divide our all star baseball teams into two separate teams at each age group in 9-12 baseball divisions. SCLL refers to them as American and National leagues similar to Major League Baseball.

Once a child enters 9-12 baseball as a league age 9 player during the Spring, they are assigned to either AL or NL as they are drafted that first year. For the duration of their time in Minors (AA, AAA, or a combined Minors division), and Majors Baseball, your child must remain in the same league. From each of those leagues, we form all star teams for the 8-10, 9-11, and 10-12 teams giving us a total of 6 all star teams in 9-12 baseball. During the regular season, our AL and NL teams will play each other.

To make it easier to determine which league your child is in, we mirror our teams and leagues with teams and leagues in MLB. The AAA Nationals for example would be a National League team and the AAA Orioles would be an American League team. Note - this only applies to Spring seasons.

You can request a refund of your registration fees up until the formation of teams. Once your player is assigned to a team, unfortunately we can no longer offer refunds due to the costs already imposed on the league. For player pitch divisions, teams are formed the day after player assessments. For Tee Ball, Machine Pitch, and Coach Pitch teams are formed shortly after registration ends.

Games and Practices

You can expect two activities a week. One of these will be on Saturday, and the other will be on the same day every week. For example you might be on a team that practices/plays every Tuesday (and Saturday). You can expect a practice or game every Tuesday and Saturday. Games might shift days to weather and what not. Weekday practices start at 5:30 or 6pm. Weekday games will always start at 6pm. Saturday practice times vary, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm. Saturday games are 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm. At the start of the season you will just have practices transitioning to a mixture of practice and games and finally just games by the end of the season.

Our weather policy is covered in detail in the Local Rules and ByLaws available as part of our League Documents. To summarize, for games, we try to make the call by 4pm for weekday games and as soon as possible for weekend games. As soon as the decision is made, the announcement is posted to Facebook and an email is sent to parents. For practices, unless Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation closes the fields, the decision to cancel is up to the team manager. We don't have the manpower to check every practice field and in some cases, even when the infield is too wet, managers may elect to use the outfield grass, etc.

Uniform and Equipment

For baseball, a jersey and hat will be provided to each player by the league. For softball, a jersey, socks, and a belt will be provided by the league. Managers will be provided team bats, helmets, and catcher's gear, and baseballs/softballs.

For baseball, players will need baseball socks, baseball pants, and a baseball belt. For softball, players will need softball pants and a fielder's face guard (optional). The colors will depend on what team drafts them, the team manager will then let you know what color will be needed for the season. For gear, players will need a glove and bat. Optionally, parents may choose to purchase a personal bat and/or helmet.

T-Ball - Bats must be marked as approved for use in T-Ball
Minors (includes Machine Pitch, AA, and AAA) - Bats must be USA Baseball certified. Look for the USA Baseball logo on the taper of the bat.
Juniors - Bats must be USA Baseball or BBCOR certified.
Seniors - Bats must be BBCOR certified.

Softball bats must have a rating of 1.20 BPF

All Stars

The detailed process by which all star teams are formed is included in the league bylaws. In short, players from each team nominate candidates who are then voted on by the managers within that division. This process fills the first 9 slots with the remaining 3 or 4 selections made by the manager of the all star team choosing from any other eligible and available players.

For a team preparing for a district tournament, you can expect to practice 6 days a week for 2 or 3 weeks prior to the tournament. Once the tournament begins, you could be playing games as far away as Matthews County and you could be playing every night for several days until your team is eliminated or emerge as champions. If you win districts, another round of practices commence preparing for the state tournament and so on. Normally state tournaments involve hotel stays for up to 5 days. Of course this depends on where that particular tournament is being hosted. Host league/districts are on a rotation schedule.

Yes, there is an additional fee of $50 to participate in all stars. This helps cover the cost of uniforms and additional practice fields.

Yes. SCLL will match all fundraising a team does up to $1500 to help with the expenses incurred by parents for tournaments beyond the district level. Teams are free to fundraise however they want as long as it meets a "family friendly” standard.

Board of Directors

The specific roles of each position of the board are detailed in the league constitution. Each member of the board is an active member with specific responsibilities covering scheduling, equipment, umpires, player agents, president, etc. This is not a position which involves just voting on league issues.

The league holds an annual meeting on the first Tuesday of October every fall in accordance with our league constitution. Prior to the meeting, the league solicits league participants for those willing to serve in order to develop a list of candidates. Then, approved league volunteers are given an opportunity to vote by absentee prior to the meeting or in person at the meeting. Those candidates receiving 50% +1 of the vote are elected to the board.

Each term lasts 1 year, from annual meeting to annual meeting. There are no term limits.

Following the annual membership meeting where the new board is selected, the newly elected board members hold a meeting where each board position is nominated and voted on by the board.


Contact the Umpire in Chief at [email protected]. He can provide you with all the information needed to volunteer as an umpire.

Yes, every single person who you see on the field or off filling a role with SCLL is a volunteer. While the umpires are volunteers, we do offer some incentives for those who are willing to step up and become umpires. Free registrations, discounted uniforms, invitation to an annual umpire dinner, etc are just some of the incentives offered. Email the Umpire in Chief at [email protected] for more details.

As mentioned above, our umpires are all volunteers and we are always in need of more. Our umpires strive to cover each and every game, but that is not possible with the current number of available umpires. The vast majority of our umpires either no longer have kids in the league or never did have kids in the league. We need current league parents to get involved and fill this important league role. To step up and be part of the solution, send an email to [email protected]. We have multiple highly experienced umpires who would love to get you started as an umpire and make sure your experience is a positive one.

In the absence of an umpire, the game must go on so someone (coach, parent, etc) needs to jump in and make sure the kids get to play the game.

There is no set age requirement for umpiring games in Little League. It really depends on the individual. Generally speaking, around the age of 12 are ready to start, especially if they have been playing for several years and have a good understanding of the game. In SCLL, a junior umpire (<18 yrs old) will always be paired with an adult on the field.


Yes. JD Palatine or JDP is an official partner of Little League International and contracted to handle all the necessary background checks for Little League volunteers. They are a US based company (Pennsylvania) founded in 2009.

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