Team Parents

This information is meant to be a guide for SCLL's Team Parents


A good Team Parent helps make things much easier on the coaches - and the team typically runs more smoothly, with better team spirit and better team results. SCLL relies on its Team Parent to help in collecting parent spirit orders and fundraiser items (when applicable), creating a team snack schedule, picture day, organizing team activities, awards and following up on safety issues. The Team Parent duties and responsibilities are to do the administrative tasks for the team which will allow the coach to concentrate on coaching, the players and team development.

The following information will help in getting you on the right path to being a successful Team Parent.


Little League Patch - Please make sure your Little League Patch is applied to your child's jersey.  This is a Little League International Requirement.  Little League Patch Video Here

Game Snack Schedule - The game and snack schedule should be passed out to parents at the same time. This can and should be done on one form. It may be easiest to start the snack schedule alphabetically or by the player's uniform number. At the conclusion of the game, a snack and drink should be handed out to each player.  

 **Please be mindful of player allergies**

Keeping Score or Pitch Count - Many Team parents enjoy doing these tasks as well. The tracking form must be signed by both teams at the conclusion of the ballgame. This applies to Coach/Machine Pitch and above. 

See main page for upcoming Scorekeeper Training class! 

Keep Safety and Medical Information - Teams are required to have each players medical release information and a first aid kit at each game and practice. Emergency and contact information are on these documents that may be needed if a parent is not present. This information is to be kept private. 

Purchase Trophies/ Coaches Awards - This shall be split amongst all the parents. Speak with the coach first to determine what size, style, etc. You'll want to order these at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Share the costs with parents so they know what their share will be.  SCLL's official awards sponsor is Crown Trophy.  Please provide them with a typed list of: team name, season, players names.  

SCLL Trophy Sponsor of the 2012 Season!
Crown Trophy 
810 Westwood Office Park
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
(Crown Trophy has moved to the back left corner of Westwood Office Park)
Phone: (540) 374-8118 


Example for Trophy Plate:
SCLL Fall or Spring (Indicate: Baseball, Softball OR Challenger) 20XX
Team Name
Players Name  

Team Pictures: 

SPRING SEASON: Team parents please call your favorite photographer to get your team pictures coordinated.

IMPORTANT (for Spring Sponsored Teams)
If you have a sponsor, team pictures are REQUIRED.  Please email your picture with name of sponsor to 
Jennifer Baggett  This is a very important step to awarding our sponsors with a plaque with your team picture.  It's our way of thanking them for their support.  

If you for any reason do not feel you can complete a team picture, please advise the Sponsor Coordinator so a Sponsor can be assigned to another team. 

Pictures for the Fall Season are not required for Sponsors. 

Plan Team Party - A team party is great way to end the season and show thanks to the coaches and players for all their hard work.  

Sponsored Teams - Banners

Fall - Team names on back of jersey only.  No banners or team pictures required. Fall Sponsors are from the Spring Season and have either signed up for the higher levels of sponsorship or have added on a Fall Sponsorship.  

Spring - Some sponsors pay to have their banner hung at each of your games.  If the sponsor is on the team (i.e. they own or work at the company) the sponsor coordinator usually will coordinate with them to hang their banner at each game.   If this is not the case the Team Parent is responsible for hanging banner at every game.   At the end of the season, please give the banner to the team manager/coach to return with equipment drop-off. 

Have you thanked your SCLL Sponsor Today?  Check out our Sponsor page at: 

Fundraising - TBD

Lastly, Don't Do It Alone!  
Do your absolute best at delegating tasks to those parents that are willing to help.


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