League Operations Documents

League Constitution
10/3/2023 This document details the operation of SCLL and the roles of its Board of Directors.
SCLL Safety Plan
2024 This document details how SCLL handles safety within our league.  It is written to be in compliance with the Little League A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) requirements.
Local Rules and Bylaws
3/30/2024 This document covers all the approved optional rules and division specific information. It also include All-Star procedures, inclement weather guidelines, and other league policies.
 VA District 15 Local Rules for Interleague Play3/21/2024 This set of rules will only be in play when a team is playing another Little League team from Virginia District 15. 
Little League Sport Parent Code of Conduct
3/26/2017 This is the official Little League Sport Parent Code of Conduct referred to in our league's Code of Conduct.
SCLL Spectator Code of Conduct
3/26/2017 This is the SCLL Code of Conduct that ALL parents agree to when registering their child to play in our league. This code of conduct applies to league parents and their visitors.

League Policies

One-on-One Contact Policy for Youth Athletes 4/17/2024 This policy aims to ensure the safety and protection of youth athletes by limiting one-on-one contact between coaches, volunteers, and other adults with youth athletes. 
Schedule Policy
1/30/2020 This document details the scheduling policies for games and practices.
All Star Fundraising Policy
8/11/2016 This document establishes the policy for how the league collects, matches, and distributes state tournament team fundraising.

Local Sponsors