Assessment Schedule

Good afternoon SCLL Families.

We are all very excited that the start of our 2023 Spring Season is right around the corner. Assessments are a vital part of the season as it gives the managers a small taste of the child’s skill level so we can ensure teams are safe and balanced.

Date: Saturday, February 18th
Location: Focus Performance Center
.               1104 Summit Street
                Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Assessment Times: 


When you arrive at your designated time (based on the League Age of your player, not their actual age, please see League Age Charts above), you will come to the check in table and your player will be checked in. They will receive a bib that is usually a sticker that he/she will put on their shirt. They will be guided to the assessment area. Parents are able to watch from the lobby but will not be permitted to go into the assessment area. They will be asked to put on their helmet and line up with their bat and glove. Once it's their turn, they will be given a chance to hit a baseball/softball tossed to them by a coach (pretty slow pitch) 3 or 4 times. On the last one they will be asked to swing at the pitch and run down the first base line, round/touch first base and continue running to second base. They will be greeted by a helper that will hand them their glove and take their helmet. They will then be asked to field 3 or 4 ground balls in which they would throw to first base and then they will be asked to field 2 or 3 balls and throw them to first base. After that they will be asked to collect their things and be released back to you. 

Important Note: If you have not yet completed the registration eligibility verification process (provided a SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM or provided 3 Proof of Residency Documents) you MUST bring them to assessments for verification. All athletes who are not verified will not be able to be able to participate in any Little League program. Please check your emails for correspondence from our Player Agent for needed documentation and questions. We recommend that you take care of this prior to assessments. 

❓️9-12 Baseball/Softball ASSESSMENT FAQ'S:❓️
🔸️Q1. What if my child cannot attend assessments?
A1. If your athlete cannot make it to assessments then they become what is known as a "blind pick" in the draft room, managers will draw those names from a hat. Every player who registers will be drafted to a team regardless of attending. Again, assessments just give the managers an opportunity to see players skill levels before the draft.

🔸️Q2. What if we need to leave before my child gets to assess, can we assess first or cannot make the specified time?
A2. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate these types of requests. Assessments are done on a first come, first serve basis only. If you are not able to stay long enough for your child to assess, you will need to return your child's number to our Check In Table and they will be a "blind pick" (please refer to Q1).

🔸️Q3. Can any League Age 8 player attend assessments?
A3. No, the only League Age 8 players who will assess are those who have submitted an Age Waiver Request to our player Agent and was approved by our Safety Committee after completing a safety assessment.

🔸️Q4. Will my child be eligible for Majors if they don't attend assessments?
A4. Only players who are League Age 12 are guaranteed to be drafted into the Majors division. In compliance with Little League Regulation IV.F, any candidate failing to attend spring tryout sessions (assessment), shall forfeit league eligibility unless an excuse is presented which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors. If you are not able to attend assessments, you may fill out "Assessment Absence Request Form" and send it to our player agent. If the Board of Directors approves the request, then your child is eligible to be blind picked and drafted into the Majors division. (THIS OPTION DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT IN THE MAJORS DIVISION, BUT IT DOES NOT LIMIT THE PLAYER TO A MINORS DIVISION). Assessment waivers need to be submitted back to Carolyn by 8pm Wednesday (Feb 15) in order to have time for board review/approval.

🔸️Q5. What does my athlete need to bring to assessments?
A5. Athletes should bring a glove, bat and batting helmet. If your athlete does not have a bat or helmet there will be gear on site they can use. If your child wants to assess as a catcher they will need to bring catching gear (or borrow it from the league). Because the 9-12 Assessments are at an indoor facility, cleats are not allowed!

🔸️Q6. What league is my child in, AL or NL and why does it matter?
A6. This is a question that gets asked a lot prior to the Spring season. Due to the size of our league relative to others in our district, Little League International requires us to divide our all star baseball teams into two separate teams at each age group in 9-12 baseball divisions. SCLL refers to them as American and National leagues similar to Major League Baseball.
Once a child enters 9-12 baseball as a league age 9 player during the Spring, they are assigned to either AL or NL as they are drafted that first year. For the duration of their time in Minors (AA, AAA, or a combined Minors division), and Majors Baseball, your child must remain in the same league. From each of those leagues, we form all star teams for the 8-10, 9-11, and 10-12 teams giving us a total of 6 all star teams in 9-12 baseball. During the regular season, our AL and NL teams will play each other.

🔸️Q7. What is League Age, and why does it matter?
A7. Your player’s league age is determined by the Little League Baseball® Age Chart. League age determines the division in which your Little Leaguer will play this season. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child on August 31 of the current year (2023). The Age Determination Date for a Little League Softball player is the actual age of a child on December 31 of the previous year (2022).

🔸️Q8. I plan on being an assistant coach, can I help my manager during the assessment? Does my child need to assess?
A8. While we appreciate your willingness to volunteer with our League, in compliance with Little League Drafting Procedures and Operation Policies; coaches can only be selected and appointed to a particular team, following their athlete being drafted to that team. Additionally, all athletes who do not attend assessments will automatically be a "blind pick" (refer to Q1). No athletes or volunteers are guaranteed a particular placement prior to being drafted.

🔸️Q9. Does the assessment include t-ball, coach pitch, and machine pitch?
A9. No, those divisions are developmental minors and do not need to assess. Those teams are randomly generated after registration closes.

🔸️Q10. I don't see my child's league age on the timeline, what does that mean?
A10. Depending on our registration numbers sometimes we have to split assessments into different days. In Spring, we allow our League Age 13 and up players the opportunity to try out for their local school teams, so we conduct our assessment after the conclusion of high school tryouts.

Any questions about assessments should be directed to SCLL's Player Agent: Carolyn Manning

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